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John Jack Menard Hope Fund

John "Jack" Menard was a legendary champion in the recovery community. Dedicated to his own recovery for over 20 years, his passion was to encourage every person who struggled with addiction to find a life of recovery like he did. As a nurse for Parker Valley Hope Treatment Center, he uniquely connected with the lost and hurting. Jack was always positive, willing to help people, funny, gregarious and loved the Arizona Trail. To put it simply, he loved animals, people and adventure. He was an inspiration to his clients as well as his co-workers. This fund will serve as a memorial for Jack that will continue to honor his passion for recovery for many years to come. All donations will go toward sober living scholarships for people exiting residential treatment. 

From one of his patients at Parker Valley Hope, Colorado:

"You made a difference in my life, more than most people ever have. You saw my pain and you took time out of your busy day to connect with me. Through my addiction, my thinking had become so warped. I no longer saw the good in people but you changed that for me. You made me remember what it feels like to be truly cared for, something I had not felt for many years. I am blessed for having met you and will carry your spirit of compassion and kindness with me in every interaction I have. Love you Jack."

If you would like to make a donation in Jack's name, please click DONATE and apply your donation to the John "Jack" Menard Hope Fund. We are truly grateful for your support!


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