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Michael Hornbuckle

Executive Director 

Michael was led to recovery in 2015 after 2 decades of active addiction. Michael's passion to serve the community has grown into bridging the gap in the continuum of care for individuals transitioning from inpatient treatment, and are seeking affordable, safe and sober housing. Michael has worked in the Sober Living community since 2012 in Los Angeles and Denver and served as Program Director from 2016 - 2019 of Mile High Sober Living. He is an NCRPSS, nationally certified recovery coach and an active participant in a 12-step program. He co-founded The Hornbuckle Foundation in 2015 to provide more Sober Living options in the Denver metro area and the Hornbuckle Foundation's SoulRepo house opened in 2016. In 2019 the mission of HF was simplified to focus on providing assistance where support was limited. Raising funds for individuals to recover in safe and structured environments allows HF to be a unique contributor to a part of the recovery process believed to drastically improve an individual's chances of obtaining sustainable recovery. Michael is a member of good standing with NAADAC (National Association of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors) Michael's supervisor is Allison Harden at Beyond Betty.

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Sarah Hornbuckle

Associate Executive Director

Sarah had no idea how deep her recovery roots ran until she met her birth-family in 2018. She found out that she comes from a long line of recovery enthusiasts and found her dream job in the same field. She became Director of Operations in August 2019 helping grow the foundation into a powerhouse of recovery support. As a Nationally Certified Peer Support Specialist, she's helped hundreds of women and their families through the recovery journey. Her favorite part of running this foundation is connecting with people. She hears stories of trauma and triumph from both donors and clients. Addiction does not discriminate. It wreaks havoc on our country and to see a life recover lights a fire in her soul. 

Sarah is a mother of 3, sold and managed Real Estate for 14 years, plays music professionally in Denver, and on the weekends, you’ll find her walking up and down the side lines of a sports field, cheering on her boys or helping her daughter live her best life.

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Cassi Ayers

Intake Coordinator

Out of adversity comes opportunity. Sometimes things (or people) have to be completely broke down, torn apart, or shattered before something new and refined can emerge. 


My drive and determination as a resilient leader, push me to explore every opportunity to its fullest. Doing so has made me both strategic AND creative. I lead from the heart… and the head. Structure without boredom, and creativity without chaos. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty or challenge the status quo. 


Cassi currently serves as Intake Coordinator for the Hornbuckle Foundation, and Chief of Staff for Sparrow Nonprofit Solutions; responsible for coordinating the world-changing efforts of a vibrant and growing community of employees, freelancers, and nonprofit leaders. Cassi was a nationally-recognized musician for over two decades, ministry leader in two of the fastest-growing churches in the United States, Chief of Staff to a global leader in health and wellness, and Chief Operating Officer at one of the nation's top B2B marketing firms. As a lived experience expert of childhood and adult trauma, Cassi has experienced firsthand the critical role nonprofits play in lifting survivors out of extreme situations to find hope and healing. Through it all, Cassi has held tightly to her faith and her love of music, both of which she now draws upon to help nonprofit leaders maximize their impact on the lives of others like her.

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Kathryn Matlock

Chairwoman of the Board

Kathryn has always found that “giving back” was what has inspired her to do work for different foundations. Starting in 1992, she worked with the Denver Victims Assistance,  Children’s Diabetes Foundation, the Samaritan Institute, the American Heart Association, and the Fine Arts Foundation. In 2015 when the Hornbuckle Foundation was established, she found her passion and compassion for those with addiction. “If not you yourself, then you will probably have a friend or family member who struggles with addiction.” Having experienced two members of her immediate family with addiction issues, she saw the difference between having the proper environment following 30 days of detoxing treatment and not. Without the environment to continue the support needed for a path of sobriety, one family member succumbed to the disease. The other family member had the support needed to keep himself addiction free and be able to experience happiness in his life through the eyes of sobriety.

Kathryn welcomed the opportunity to help those struggling receive a helping hand to attain their life of sobriety with dignity. She believes everyone has to have a sense of purpose and share it.

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Halim Ali

Director of Advisory Board

Executive Director and Founder  of From the Heart Enterprises  - Dr. Ali is an activist, mentor, master facilitator, motivational speaker, mental health professional and soon to be author aiming to transform traumatic experiences and lifestyles by restoring the mind, creating strong personal foundations, restoring personal life balance and implementing wellness tools to apply for a lifetime. He works directly with the Denver Metro community and its suburbs. Advocating for the empowerment of the people always and creating a profound mental health awareness throughout Colorado to establish healthy American families.

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Scott Fitzke

Financial Advisory Board Member

Scott is a partner with Shortridge & Fitzke, an Englewood law firm.  He practices in the area of commercial law, with an emphasis on real estate, real estate litigation, counsel to real estate brokers and brokerages, entity organization, and business disputes.  He also represents many non-profit, charitable, and educational organizations, as well as private and religious foundations.  He also dabbles in entertainment law.  

Scott has a long history of involvement with Denver’s recovery community.  He is a recovering person with 35 years of sobriety and has served in various capacities with Denver area 12-Step groups, as well as State and National recovery organizations.  He is legal counsel for several local recovery-related non-profits. Scott also has a long history of working with non-profit organizations, especially in music and music education.  He is currently the Vice Chair and General Counsel for The Blues Foundation in Memphis, TN and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Colorado Blues Society, where he has served since 1998.  Scott was previously also on the Board of Directors of Swallow Hill Music Association.  Scott is also actively involved in the community and volunteers for many organizations including his church, Urban Peak, Ronald McDonald House, Jeffco Action Center, Food Bank of the Rockies, and other homeless and hunger projects. He has been married for over 30 years and is the father of two active young adults.  

Not Pictured:

Sherry Snead, Treasure

Erin Rasmussen, Director of Events

Halim Ali, Advisory Board Member


Lexi Steuert

Director of Compliance

Lexi Underhill-Steuert is a Licenced Professional Counselor Candidate with a permit to practice under the Division of Professions and Occupations. She also has her certification as a National Certified Recovery Support Specialist and a Clinical Supervision in the Addiction Professional Specialty. She has her Bachelors of Science and Human Services and her Masters in Psychology and Crisis Management and Response. She is currently continuing to take courses to further her educational credentials and knowledge in the field of recovery from substance use disorder, alcoholism and mental health disorders.

She is a highly dependable and self-motivated team player, with solid leadership skills. Lexi has experience in treatment and detention working effectively in high-pressure situations. She has a solid record of success with crisis management and de-escalation techniques within diverse environments. Lexi demonstrated strength in: developing action plans for short and long term goal setting, crisis intervention techniques to use in conflict resolution and has experience and training in cultural diversity. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills.

She has a passion for what she does. Helping people with substance use disorder, alcoholism and mental health is truly filling her life's purpose. Growing up with mental health issues and learning disabilities she has always wanted to help others who struggle. Lexi struggled with drugs and alcohol on and off for 24 years. She participated in many forms of recovery along her journey including but not limited to, Therapy, in patient treatment, outpatient treatment and she works a twelve step program daily. She has a sponsor with long term sobriety who took her through the steps completely through how the Big book outlines that it be done and that is how she sponsors women who ask her to take them through the steps. She believes that everyone's path to sobriety and recovery is different and valid and that there are thousands of routes to recovery if a person is willing to work at the one that fits their unique needs. Her sobriety date is October 7th 2015. She has service experience in the different recovery communities since she was 90 days sober.

Lexi believes recovery works best if she is willing to share her experience and journey with others and continually be of service to others in recovery as well as the community at large. In the process of working an honest program she has seen miracles in her life and the lives of the people around her. She wants to share her experience of that to give hope to those still suffering in Alcoholism, Addiction or mental health issues. She believes that recovery is a continuous journey of learning, growth, service and fellowship not a destination that is ever reached. She believes fully that life is meant to be happy, joyous and free and that all people can live a life that is fulfilling their truest purpose.

Not Pictured:

Sherry Snead, Treasure

Erin Rasmussen, Director of Events

Halim Ali, Advisory Board Member


Brittany Beckwith

Scholarship Director

Brittany Beckwith is The Scholarship Program Director for The Hornbuckle Foundation and a Peer Support Specialist with an immense devotion to serve. Having suffered from substance abuse and matters of mental health, Brittany has developed a strong adoration to help people who continue to suffer. Active in her own recovery, Brittany is regularly engaged in many forms of recovery to include the Twelve Step Programs offered by NA and AA, In/Outpatient Programs, as well as regularly meeting with a mental health therapist.  

     Brittany has been a Hairstylist for over ten years and although successful in her career, she knew as a recovering addict that she could do more to help the recovery community. She believes that recovery works best if she is willing to share her experience and journey with others. In the process of working an honest program, she has seen miracles in her life and the lives of others around her. She regularly shares her personal journey of recovery and mental health to give hope to those still suffering in Alcoholism, Addiction, and matters of Mental Health.

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