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Est. 2015

A Brief History on the Hornbuckle Foundation

The Hornbuckle Foundation was co-founded in 2015 by Michael Hornbuckle, later joined by Sarah Hornbuckle, focusing on providing support for individuals battling addiction and mental health challenges. The foundation was inspired by the personal experiences of its founders and their commitment to aid others through similar struggles. It emphasizes the transformative power of community support and rehabilitation. From its inception, the foundation has initiated several key programs:


  • Sober Living Scholarship Program: Offers financial aid to individuals seeking sober living facilities, ensuring access to supportive environments conducive to recovery.

  • Peer Support Program: Connects individuals in recovery with peers who have faced similar challenges, fostering guidance and empathy.

  • Outpatient Program: Provides structured, professional guidance in a flexible format to accommodate daily routines.

Sarah Hornbuckle played a crucial role in expanding the foundation’s vision and services, bringing her experience and passion for recovery to enhance the foundation's impact. The organization also ventured into youth-focused initiatives and integrated music and art programs, leveraging creative expression as therapeutic tools. Additionally, the foundation established a grief and loss support group and engaged in community outreach efforts to raise awareness and support for addiction and mental health challenges. The Hornbuckle Foundation's approach is multifaceted, addressing various aspects of mental health and community welfare. Michael and Sarah Hornbuckle's leadership and dedication have been instrumental in its success, demonstrating the impact of resilience and support in the journey to recovery. 

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