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Here at Hornbuckle Foundation, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2015, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Non-Profit Organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress. Through fund raising and donations, we've made available a roster of Nationally certified Recovery Coaches to privately assist in ones' recovery.  


-Medicaid (All Colorado RAE's)

1 Session $70/hr
4 Sessions $260 ($65/hr)
8 Sessions $480 ($60/hr)
12 Sessions $660 ($55/hr)

Our Coaches are a diverse group of men and women with different life experience. Because our clients also have different life experience it's important  we pair people accordingly to best set a person up for success. Our coaches are nationally certified (NCPRSS) and maintain good standing membership with NAADAC.
Our Coaches meet you right where you are in the recovery process, to encourage, motivate, and assist you in developing recovery skills. A coach walks along side you as you navigate early recovery and assists you in making clear the path to long term recovery. As a person starts to make incremental character-building-wins, hope and purpose return to life and one is then on a secure footing of true recovery with a firm understanding and value of togetherness. When life presents its inevitable challenges we are then properly equipped to meet them head on without fear of relapse. As you learn new communication skills you are then equipped to take responsibility for the relationships in your life. As a result, families, loved ones, co-workers and friends become beneficiaries of Recovery Coaching as well.


The coach provides their expertise, guidance, skills, and their own success in recovery to help support the steps defined in the client's plans of action. This dynamic between client and coach is what sows the seeds to enact powerful change that leads to successful day-to-day living. Our coaches ask the tough questions and listen carefully to the answers; helping to reflect back with clarity the client’s own intentions for themselves and their lives.
Based on the needs of the client, the plans can look different. As you learn to navigate new territory and some of the same , you will begin to feel empowered, perhaps for the first time. One day you and your Coach may be working on a plan of action to work on emotional wellness, financial wellness, spiritual wellness, etc. and on another day, you may be rock climbing, doing yoga, playing music, creating art or be in a meeting. Sometimes situations require a sober companion or sober escort, in which case a coach will travel with a client and at times even live with a client. Remember we meet you where you you are, and assist you in your individual needs and circumstances.
A Recovery Coach is not a clinician of any kind. However, at times it is the case that a person would have a support team of specialists involved where a coach could have communication with other members of that team; given it is the desire of the client and there are ROI agreements in place. 


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