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HF Recovery Services

The Hornbuckle Foundation provides a comprehensive array of services for individuals recovering from substance use disorder. Their initiatives include:

  1. Sober Living Scholarships and Recovery Coaching: The foundation offers sober living scholarships and peer recovery coaching to support individuals in their recovery journey. The scholarships assist individuals financially, allowing them to focus on their recovery without the burden of sober living expenses. The recovery coaches work closely with clients to help them discover, obtain, and maintain a new life free of addiction, offering personal assistance through practical and creative problem-solving.

  2. Outpatient Treatment Program: They provide a customized path to recovery with various evidence-based and holistic therapies. This program is part of their effort to offer comprehensive support for those in recovery

  3. Community Recovery Center: In 2023, the foundation opened a Community Recovery Center in Littleton, Colorado. This center hosts weekly support groups, including a Family Loss Support Group, Youth Music and Arts activities, and the 'Any F'n A' 12 Step Meeting, sponsored by the Sober Souls Motorcycle Club. Additionally, they offer Fentanyl Awareness classes to increase awareness and provide Naloxone, a medication that reverses opioid overdose. **See the updated Calendar.


The foundation's commitment to helping individuals transition into productive and positive members of society is evident in their wide range of services and community involvement. They organize events and activities to engage the community and raise funds, contributing significantly to the fight against substance use disorder.

Service Overview

Sober Living Scholarship Program

The Hornbuckle Foundation's Sober Living Scholarship program provides financial assistance to individuals recovering from substance use disorder. This program helps cover the costs of sober living, which is crucial for those who have exhausted their financial resources due to addiction, medical costs, legal fees, and rehabilitation. The scholarship amounts vary and are determined during the application process. By assisting with these expenses, the program supports individuals in their journey towards long-term recovery, ensuring they have a stable and supportive environment during this critical phase

Peer Support Program

The Hornbuckle Foundation's Peer Support Recovery Coach program is an integral part of its services to assist individuals recovering from substance use disorder. This program provides clients with peer recovery coaches who offer personalized guidance and support. These coaches help clients discover, obtain, and maintain a life free from addiction, employing practical and creative problem-solving strategies. They focus on helping clients navigate challenges and celebrate breakthroughs in their recovery journey. The program emphasizes the importance of personal assistance in recovery, proving effective for long-term success. By offering this tailored support, the Hornbuckle Foundation significantly aids individuals in becoming productive, positive members of society

Outpatient Treatment

The Hornbuckle Foundation's Outpatient Treatment Program offers a customized recovery path for individuals dealing with substance use disorder. This program is staffed by an experienced clinical team that provides various evidence-based and holistic therapies. Tailoring their approach to each individual's needs, the program aims to effectively support clients in their journey towards recovery. The outpatient setting allows clients to receive treatment while maintaining their daily routines, making it a flexible and practical option for those seeking continuous support in their recovery process

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