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Rob Scoggins

Rob Scoggins is a figure of inspiration and resilience, renowned as a veteran war hero, author, artist, and musician. His journey from the battlefield to the realm of creativity and mentorship is a testament to his versatility and commitment to service. Rob currently spearheads the Hornbuckle Foundation's youth program, where he imparts exceptional art skills and music lessons to youngsters aged 11-16. His calm and kind demeanor, coupled with a contagious smile, makes him a favorite among the kids, who eagerly await their weekly sessions with him.

Rob's multifaceted career includes significant achievements in various fields. His experience as a soldier instilled in him a profound understanding of discipline and teamwork, qualities he now channels into his teaching. As an author, Rob's works often reflect themes of courage, resilience, and hope, resonating with a wide range of readers. His artistic endeavors showcase his deep sensitivity and perception, making him an admired figure in the art community. Moreover, his musical talents not only entertain but also serve as a medium for emotional expression and healing.

The Hornbuckle Foundation is immensely privileged to have Rob as a part of their team. He isn't just a teacher; he's a mentor, a guide, and a beacon of hope for many. Beyond his role in education, Rob is a powerful advocate for recovery and mental health. His efforts are especially focused on the youth and veterans in the community, recognizing the unique challenges they face and providing support through his programs and personal engagement. In every aspect of his work, Rob Scoggins embodies the spirit of giving back and uplifting others. His life's journey is a source of motivation, reminding us of the power of resilience, the beauty of art, and the importance of community support in overcoming life's challenges.

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