By the time most people get to the point that they are ready to pay for Sober Living, they’ve already spent everything they have on their addiction, medical costs, legal fees, and drug and alcohol rehab. It’s really difficult to find creative sources of income to funnel into paying a sober living bill. This is why our mission centers on helping individuals that have already begun the recovery process and are seeking financial assistance for continued recovery support.


At the Hornbuckle Foundation we understand the importance of setting people up for success. Where an individual is placed can play a big role in regards to their longevity in recovery. We work only with the most reputable Sober Living companies in the region that over time have maintained an integrity and standard of recovery second-to-none.


If your application is approved and you have completed a phone or in-person interview, you will receive a scholarship award/agreement letter. The individual will be placed in a safe, structured, clean house, where they will have access to recovery resources, accountability and mentorship. 


Scholarship amounts will vary and be determined during the application process.