Aurora Sober Living

Men's & Women's Homes

Aurora, CO

Aurora Sober Living provides gender-based affordable, beautifully furnished clean homes. In addition to being fully structured, strict alcohol and drug-free environments. Also, offering a positive place for adult peer group recovery support.

Our Aurora Sober Living Mission promotes individual recovery by offering a solid environment. Also, that allows our residents to develop individual recovery programs. In addition to becoming self-supporting. Not only during their stay with us but to help sustain sobriety after they move on as well.


Men's & Women's Homes

Denver and Metro Denver

Spero Sober Living provides clients with upscale amenities and personalized comfort while addressing the complex emotional issues of recovery as it applies to substance abuse, alcoholism, gambling addiction, and even co-occurring disorders.

We offer a safe and comfortable environment for you to work on your recovery, reclaim your life, and rediscover your dreams.

JUUST Living Recovery

LGBTQ+ Homes


Denver and Metro Denver

JUUST Living Recovery is a sober living home where substance use recovery is safe, supportive, affordable, and truly LGBTQ+-friendly and welcoming for all genders.  We provide a culture of empowerment, where residents engage in governance and leadership, in a home-like safe and healthy environment. Our community facilitates active recovery, prosocial behaviors, and improving and enhancing relationship skills and conflict competency. We hope to cultivate each resident’s sense of belonging and responsibility to themselves and the community. We believe people heal in community. We invite you to join us.


Men's & Women's Homes

Aurora, CO

Hazelbrook Sober Living & Recovery is a recovery gem and an award-winning sober living Denver and recovery program in the Denver Metro area of Colorado. We pride ourselves on providing LASTING RECOVERY FROM DRUGS AND ALCOHOL. It is a place of new habits, new friends, and new beginnings. It is a place where people can feel safe and supported so they can be free to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Recovery from addiction is difficult and it is absolutely crucial to surround yourself with a strong and positive support system. We have homes for men and women. Give us a call right now and come join our sober community!

House of Extra Measures

Men's & Women's Homes

Houston, TX

The Houses of Extra Measures are structured, supportive and safe 12 Step inspired peer communities for adult men and women who are determined to maintain abstinence and develop a recovery oriented lifestyle.

The Houses of Extra Measures recovery residences are a key component in the continuum of care model of recovery addressing substance use and/or co-occurring disorders that provide an array of services such as health promotion, life skills, communication skills, recovery coaching and mentoring.  We proudly operate on the recovery model of client services and not the revenue model.  Our emphasis is on people recovering from addiction; not filling a bed.

Lotus Lodge 

Men's & Women's Homes


Aurora, CO

With both houses set in friendly Aurora neighborhoods, Lotus Lodge was designed to inspire spiritual, physical, and emotional rehabilitation for men and women in early recovery. With our step down structure, we provide accountability and safety, while promoting individual autonomy. At the heart of this recovery process are the principles of service, community, and hope.

Lotus Lodge is owned and operated by two experienced certified addiction nurses, who serve as case managers for the residents of Lotus. The experience of the Lotus Lodge team in the treatment arena, allows for a unique and comprehensive approach to sober living. Along with our team, we collaborate with the client, family, and treatment providers in creating comprehensive recovery plans.

Mary's Hope

Men's & Women's Homes


Denver Metro/Littleton, CO

  • Our Mission it to provide safe affordable housing and addiction recovery support services and supplemental treatment for individuals who are committed to living                                          

  • a life free of substance abuse.


  • We have over an 87% Success Rate. 


  • Individuals who are accepted into our Sober Living Program will learn many valuable skills developing solid foundations while living free and in recovery starting a new successful life. 



  • We have helped rebuild lives and restore families for over 16 years. 

Mile High

Men's & Women's Homes


Denver, CO

Our goal is to provide recovering people an exceptional sober living experience in the Denver metro area. This not only helps in keeping them clean and sober, but also offers a rewarding communal living environment. Becoming part of a larger family of thriving and successful individuals.

Mile High Sober Living offer’s a genuine living experience while providing a safe place. Here you can practice the 12-step principles in the real world. Sober living is a vital component to recovery for every individual struggling with addiction or alcoholism. The sober living experience should also be one of the most exciting times of life. As you learn how full life can be without mind-altering substances. During this time, we learn who we are as individuals unaltered by substances. It is a beautiful thing to be able to watch and encourage each other as we grow into our newfound sobriety.


Men's & Women's Homes


Lakewood, CO

Wheat Ridge, CO

Green Mountain , CO

Monarch Sober Living Homes are unique sober living homes in the Denver Metro Area

Monarch Sober Living’s primary purpose is to provide a safe, supportive, and structured environment for people transitioning on their journey through sobriety.

We take the safety and security of our residents seriously. To ensure the sanctity of the home, all residents are drug and alcohol tested twice weekly.

Our homes include on-site house managers who provide oversight in the home as well as advice and support when needed. We have 1-2 house meetings weekly to check in with residents and discuss any struggles, issues, or obstacles they may be dealing with.

Our program is 12- step based and active participation in this community is required. A residents success at Monarch Sober Living depends on their ability to follow our house standards, which are in place to create new habits, replacing the old way of living for a new way of life !

Oxford House

Men's & Women's Homes

Greater Denver Metro Area

Oxford House provides an empowering peer-ran atmosphere that supports healthy lifestyle practices and comradery for those seeking long-term recovery.  Oxford Houses are democratically run, self-supporting and drug free recovery houses offering membership opportunities to men, women, women with children, and men with children.  Currently there are over 80 established houses throughout Colorado. Each house presents a remarkably effective atmosphere and low-cost method for ensuring that members have every opportunity to sustain stability in recovery.  This was the purpose of the first Oxford House established in 1975, and this purpose is served, day by day, house after house, in each of over 2000 houses in the United States today.

Purpose House

Men's Home


Fort Collins , CO

Purpose House offers a 12-Step based, addiction recovery sober living community for men who have completed a primary treatment program, or who are appropriate candidates for structured sober living. During the day, our residents are active in our community working or going to school, attending 12-Step meetings, and building upon their recovery. In the evening, they return to a safe, comfortable, sober place to live, surrounded by their brothers in recovery. It’s our mission to guide the residents, who entrust in us on their recovery journey, to develop a solid foundation that directs their future to personal growth, purpose and long-term sobriety. Purpose House offers variable lengths of stay, with a minimum ​90-day commitment.

Route 2 Recovery

Men's Homes

Lakewood, CO

Route2Recovery provides fully furnished, beautiful, Single family homes for adults in need of a safe and sober environment. Whether coming from a treatment center, detox, drug court, or anyone looking to further support their recovery, we can meet your needs. Our sober living homes are held to a high standard of accountability, helping individuals integrate healthy habits and routines back into their everyday lives, while continuing to maintain their sobriety. A zero-tolerance policy creates a drug/alcohol free, structured, environment for our clients to maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle. Clients are expected to complete daily, weekly, and monthly chores, attend required house meetings, participate in the program, and be working, volunteering, or attending school full time.


Men's Homes

Aurora, CO

Our program focuses on sobriety, work, and personal accountability and offers residents the opportunity to establish healthy, sober relationships within a safe, structured, and supportive environment. We uphold the highest standard of respect for people within our community, ensuring that our housing program is safe at all times for all individuals.

Our houses are in quiet, residential neighborhoods and are beautiful, well-kept, and in convenient locations close to shopping, meetings, and public transportation, with strong on-site management and supervision. Our residential rules and guidelines provide a necessary sense of structure and community along with a flexible amount of personal freedom.


Men's & Women's


Denver, CO

Aurora, CO

Tribe Recovery Services LLC is a transitional housing program serving the Denver Metro area. We provide individuals in recovery from substance use disorder with structured, shame-free, supervised living spaces, so they can seek recovery and self-sufficiency. We have five properties, each housing up to eight individuals. Residents are required to pay monthly program fees, which include rent, linens, basic housing furniture, drug and alcohol screens, utilities and internet. Sobriety and structure is monitored closely. Addiction isn’t something that can be faced alone; we make sure we’re always by your side.


Men's Homes

Denver, CO

We offer sober living for people suffering from substance abuse disorder. We are a 12 Step Program that offers a safe place for people to recover. We welcome any alcoholic or addict who is seeking a solution. Our Sober Living Homes provide aftercare for men suffering from drug addiction or alcohol. We believe through our own experience that recovery is near impossible alone, but together, in Unity, we can succeed.

Zen Mountain

Women's Homes

Aurora, CO

Centennial, CO

​At Zen Mountain, we provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for women to thrive while they continue finding themselves and creating their futures.

Our homes are located in peaceful, gorgeous neighborhoods. The properties boast newly remodeled interior and a warm feel.


Each with four or more bedrooms, three or four bathrooms, large kitchens, two to three living spaces, a dining area, laundry room, and an office. The spacious front and back yards are littered with huge, mature trees and unique landscape features.

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