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Upcoming 2024 Events

Details coming soon!

In 2024, the Hornbuckle Foundation is thrilled to present an exciting array of events that promise both a good time and philanthropy.

1. Spring Event: Comedy Night 

  • An evening of humor and entertainment.

  • A blend of comedy acts to create a light-hearted, enjoyable atmosphere.  

2. Early Summer Event: Old Chicago Give Back Night  

  • A special night dedicated to celebrating and supporting the Hornbuckle Foundation's efforts.

  • Activities and initiatives focused on giving back.

2. Mid-Summer Event: Community Carnival 

  • A family-friendly carnival featuring games, food, and fun activities.

  •  An opportunity for community engagement and enjoyment.

3. Year-End Event: 10th Annual Poker Run  

  • The landmark 10th edition of this motorcycle run.

  • A combination of a beautiful half day of riding, and charity support.


Each event is meticulously planned to strengthen community bonds, support charitable causes, and provide memorable experiences.

*Weekly events can be found on the monthly calendar, and all other events including fentanyl awareness nights, alumni nights, and community center open house events will be posted as dates become available.​

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