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SandStone Care Sober Living for Women -Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Women

Sober House Description:

About SandStone Care Women’s Sober Living

Sandstone Care offers sober living to help support individuals early in recovery and in need of structured living accommodations. We believe in balancing just enough structure and accountability with the freedom to learn and grow. Our women’s program in Boulder is for women in our program between the ages of 18-30.

How is Sober Living Helpful?

Recovery living can be especially helpful for young adults (ages 18–30) who are in the following situations:

  • Need support in developing healthy lifestyle habits and developing life skills

  • Would benefit from a supportive substance-free living environment

  • Are in transition

  • Struggle to live independently

  • Find that living with family is creating too much strain on their relationships

Additional Information:

Reasons to Stay

Amazing Home and South Denver Location

Our sober living home is conveniently located near the Denver center, and near public transportation making it very accessible to the broader Denver Metro area. The neighborhood is quiet and inviting, but has access to all that nearby Denver has to offer.

Fun & Flexible

Each Saturday, we have an outing or activity. Residents get to suggest activities they’d like to do. For instance, we may go to the batting cages or play basketball. Sundays are free days, where, for example, some stay at home and relax, while others go hang out with friends and friends or exercise at the gym.

Safe & Supportive
  • Our home is staffed by trained professionals seven days a week. Training includes de-escalation training, first aid, CPR, and medication management. Staff support residents in their journey to figure out what to do next.

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