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Monarch Sober Living

Monarch Sober Living

Lakewood/Denver, Colorado, USA


Certification: Certified

Gender: Men's & Women's Houses

Sober House Description:

Monarch Sober Living Homes are unique sober living homes in the Denver Metro Area

Monarch Sober Living homes primary purpose is to provide a safe, supportive, and structured environment for people transitioning on their journey through sobriety.

We take the safety and security of our residents seriously. To ensure the sanctity of the home, all residents are drug and alcohol tested twice weekly.

Our homes include on-site house managers who provide oversight in the home as well as advice and support when needed. We have 1-2 house meetings weekly to check in with residents and discuss any struggles, issues, or obstacles they may be dealing with.

Our program is 12- step based and active participation in this community is required. A residents success at Monarch Sober Living depends on their ability to follow our house standards, which are in place to create new habits, replacing the old way of living for a new way of life!

Additional Information:

While it may seem obvious that living in a sober living home is better than continuing on a destructive and addictive path, sober living home benefits are many and not so obvious.

Halfway Houses vs Sober Living Homes

Living in a sober living home most often is the transition phase from being in a treatment program on the way back into society. Unlike a traditional halfway house where an individual is required to move out whether or not they feel ready for independent living, sober living homes allow a resident to stay indefinitely as long as they are following the house rules and paying their rent.  As far as costs are concerned, halfway house are comparable to sober living homes.

Bonding and Social Relationship Building

Social interaction and bonding with others in a close setting plays a large role in the chances of success staying sober.  Being able to live in a sober living home until such time one is ready to live independently takes the pressure off and allows for positive social relationships to form.  These social relationships do encourage a strong support system that a person can rely on for a full and sustained recovery.  Studies have shown that aftercare programs started within 90 days from release of treatment, better a person’s chances of not relapsing and maintaining their abstinence.

Isolation and Temptation

Extended times of isolation many times lead to temptation to go back to one’s drug of choice, or even pick up another one.  Left alone, one may succumb to the triggers that kept them using prior to treatment resulting in relapse.  Being in a sober living home, attending mandatory 12-step meetings, house meetings, chores, and being held accountable by their peers can be quite effective.  It can be quite helpful at staving off temptations because of stress, feelings of being alone, being misunderstood, and even unlovable.

Changes In Habits and Rituals

Using drugs and or alcohol involves habits and well rehearsed rituals that the user engages in.  Whether it is getting the beer to the right temperature in their favorite frosty mug, or the steps taken prior to injecting heroin in one’s vein, users go through rituals.  It is these destructive rituals or habits that can be difficult to break. Conversely, the benefits of a sober living home is that new healthy and rewarding rituals are strictly adhered to, and after time become healthy habits that one carries with them for the rest of their life.

At Monarch Sober Living Homes we provide a supportive and safe living environment for people in early recovery.  We do this by using our own experiences living sober and help others do the same!

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