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Aurora Sober Living Aurora, Colorado

Aurora Sober Living Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men's & Women's Houses


Sober House Description:

About Aurora Recovery Home

At our sober living homes, we provide a safe and loving home for residents to continue their journey in recovery. In addition, our years of experience helps to teach them how to live happier sober lifestyles. Furthermore, we help our residents to find and maintain sobriety, in addition to becoming independent and productive members of the community.

Fun and Exciting

At our sober living home, we provide a fun and exciting, outside the box approach to early recovery! Also, you will have the opportunity to develop healthy lifelong friendships and practice your tools learned from residential treatment. In addition, our family will help you in building a strong foundation for the rest of your recovery journey.

Live Free

Aurora Sober Living provides the opportunity to learn to set healthy boundaries. In addition to coping skills, accountability, self-worth, confidence, and humility. Also, you will learn to have fun and live free without substances while building a solid recovery network.

Our Mission Statement

Aurora Sober Living Mission. Firstly, Aurora Sober Living Colorado provides an effortless transition that guarantees solid, confidential, and sober living environments. Secondly, our homes are for those who have completed treatment and/or detox. Also, promoting the desire to carry on their lives addiction-free and become an asset not only to themselves but to our community and society.

Some people are not ready to go back home or re-enter into their environments after treatment. Also, these environments may have originally contributed to their addiction.

Sober Living assists in a transition process from addiction and treatment to sobriety. Also, as they enter back into society at their pace, we help to lower risks of temptation with structured guidance.

We Provide a Safe and Secure Recovery Environment

Aurora Sober Living provides gender-based affordable, beautifully furnished clean homes. In addition to being fully structured, strict alcohol and drug-free environments. Also, offering a positive place for adult peer group recovery support.

Our Aurora Sober Living Mission promotes individual recovery by offering a solid environment. Also, that allows our residents to develop individual recovery programs. In addition to becoming self-supporting. Not only during their stay with us but to help sustain sobriety after they move on as well.

Furthermore, we also love to take part in activities, sports and spend holidays together, and just have a lot of fun! The more time we spend together the more we can support each other. We truly wish the best for each and every person that comes into our family.

All homes are located in safe and friendly neighbourhood in Aurora, Colorado. We’ve specifically chosen homes that are near public transportation and where employment is easily accessible.

Each home has two or more common areas to relax and connect. Typically there are two people to a room, with all bedding, closet & drawer space included. Each home has a wonderful backyard with space to grill and chill with the other people in the house


Start a New Life. A Loving Place to Live!
Firstly, we opened our homes to create a different kind of recovery family. Secondly, we want to help others in recovery, like ourselves. Also, to give those looking to start a new life, a safe and loving place to live. So here we are, with 2 homes located in Aurora, Colorado!

Additional Information:

Our Requirements

You Must Meet These Criteria
18+ in age.
Mentally and physically able to work. Also, volunteer, or go to school.
Able to meet the costs of housing. In addition to personal needs.
Must provide a clean UA and BA drug screening upon entry of the program.
Is not prescribed any medications that are considered controlled substances (i.e.. Ambien, Adderall, Xanax, etc.).
Willing and motivated to maintain participation within the sober living community.
Also, willing and motivated to participate actively in a 12-Step program.
In addition, committed to participate fully in the Aurora Sober Living Program.

Other things we offer

Community Relations

  • A clothing and shoe donation.

  • Speakers and leaders in the recovery community. Also, Vocational assistance and support.

  • Recreational activities (sports, hiking, camping, etc.)

  • Also, holiday get together’s with family and friends

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