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Eudaimonia Women's House- Colorado Springs, Colorado

Eudaimonia Women's House- Colorado Springs, Colorado

4325 Wordsworth Circle North, Colorado Springs, CO 80916, USA

Certification: Certified


Gender: Women

Sober House Description:

About us

We operate two sober living homes for women in Colorado. Each of these homes is located in a nice area in the north central part of the city. These homes are both near a local bus route and within walking distance of several grocery stores, retail locations, and many employment opportunities.

Structured and safe sober living environment

Returning to a harmful living environment after rehab is one of the top causes of relapse. Our sober living homes for women offer caring and empathetic staff and a structured environment with no tolerance for substance abuse. Residents live independently while receiving the support they need to establish and maintain a regular, healthy routine. This structure decreases anxiety and procrastination while helping clients manage the increased responsibilities and personal freedoms after rehab.

Opportunities for personal development

Women’s sober housing provides a safe place where women can communicate effectively, live comfortably, and focus on their recovery. At Eudaimonia sober home for women, residents have regular opportunities for personal development and exploration as they establish a new sober life. With our support, you will be encouraged to take an active role in your recovery as you gain independence and confidence to rebuild your life and achieve long-term wellness and sobriety.

Affordable continued care

After rehab, many women need a safe, substance-free living environment where they can receive support while they gradually establish a new sober life for themselves. Housing can be expensive, but it shouldn’t be a barrier that prevents you from living your best sober life. Our women’s sober living homes provide comfortable and safe substance-free housing at an affordable price, so you can flourish financially as well as in other areas of life.

Family involvement

We prioritize family involvement during your time at a Eudaimonia women’s sober living home. Your assigned program coordinator will communicate with your loved ones regularly to update them on your progress. As you work through your recovery program, you may also be awarded extended curfew, day visits, and/or overnight visits to be with your loved ones. This process encourages healing among all members of the family and helps prepare everyone for your eventual return back home.

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