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Hazelbrook Sober Living Aurora, Colorado

Hazelbrook Sober Living Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men's & Women's Houses

Sober House Description:

Andes House for men sober living in Aurora, Colorado entire program is run by people in recovery, for people in recovery. We are always looking for the latest and most effective evidence-based approaches and mainly, we just do our best to show people love!  Hazelbrook Sober Living & Recovery is not just a place to live but a place where you will be a part of a family and grow as an individual. When you come to Hazelbrook you will be treated with love and respect. We are here to provide you with a safe sober place to live, love and support, and structure to succeed.

Our Goal

Our goal is lasting sobriety, which we know comes only from a complete change in lifestyle and spiritual growth. Drug or alcohol addiction usually has been going on for many years and it takes a little while for your mind to re-adapt to a normal life. We urge residents to stay with us for at least 90 days but they are welcome to stay as long as they want.


While at Hazelbrook Sober Living all residents are required to stay sober, work a recovery program, work, pay their program dues, and participate in the Hazelbrook recovery community.  We require all residents to maintain complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol and submit to nightly BA’s and random UA’s to provide accountability and to make sure everyone in the house in staying sober. If at anytime a resident fails or refuses a UA/BA they will be asked to leave. All residents are required to actively work a recovery program of their choosing such as a 12-Step program or something similar, which includes attending recovery meetings, working with a sponsor, etc.

We understand there are different pathways for recovery so we give residents the options to choose the recovery program that works best for them. All residents can expect to be held accountable and are required to keep track of meeting attendance. All residents are required to attend a weekly house meeting which counts towards meeting requirements, where residents go over how they have been doing that week and address any house issues.


We also offer a variety of awesome recovery activities and we have multiple Peer Recovery Specialists on staff as well as Fitness, Yoga, Boxing, and Nutrition experts that are available to residents. We provide accountability and support, but most of all we want you to enjoy recovery and have fun!

When residents first arrive we want to make sure they establish good habits. Upon arrival, all residents are on Level One.

Level One requirements:

  • 10pm curfew

  • 5 recovery meetings per week

  • No overnights

  • Only immediate family guests

When residents have demonstrated that they have established good habits by showing that they have been working a recovery program, are current on rent, and have a sponsor (or something similar) then they can go to Level Two.

Level Two requirements:

  • 11pm weekdays/1am weekends curfew

  • 3 recovery meetings per week

  • 1 Overnight/week (pre-approved)


Additional Information:


Attending recovery meetings and connecting with like-minded individuals that will be there to support you is crucial to recovery, however, we understand that this can be a bit intimidating at first especially if you have never gone before. So we host a variety of meetings at our houses that are in a warm and close-knit environment that are there for your convenience such as AA, NA, Bible Studies, Life Skills, etc.


We do all kinds of fun sober activities all the time!

  • Sober Softball

  • Boating and chilling on the beach

  • Mountain Climbing

  • Boxing

  • Yoga

  • Art Groups

  • Gardening

  • Bonfires

  • Bowling

  • Movie night

  • Rallies

  • BBQs

  • Plus much much more!

​Leadership Program

Our goal is to empower you not only to help yourself but to help others. We encourage residents to mentor and guide others in the program after they have established a good foundation for themselves. Our program is run by people in recovery and many of which have been through the program themselves. If you are interested in leadership or employment opportunities let us know!

​We currently operate five Men’s Houses and two Women’s Houses. All of our homes are located in nice, quiet, and serene suburban neighborhoods and are kept very clean at all times and are super nice both inside and out! All homes are located within walking distance of bus stops, grocery stores, AA/NA meetings, and more!

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