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Erik's House of Healing Aurora, Colorado

Erik's House of Healing Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men

Sober House Description:

Erik’s House of Healing is a fully licensed sober living house in Aurora, Colorado.  We have the capacity to house and serve 10 male residents who are at least 18 years old, with no other age limit.


We have done our best to create a home environment that will be conducive to your healing process.  Erik’s House of Healing has many places within it to provide you with varied opportunities for learning and practicing healing skills, resting, entertainment, relaxation, and exercise.


Erik’s House of Healing is a place to live while learning and practicing healing and life skills needed to integrate and adapt to your future life after experiencing the trauma which resulted from the illness of a substance use disorder.

​Each resident is provided with a single extra-long bed with Tempur-Pedic mattress/pillows and comfortable bedding. The home is equipped with an exercise area, pool table room, study/game room, two living areas with large screen televisions, a large dining area and open kitchen. In addition, the home has separate areas for smoking and outdoor sitting, and a gas grill.

Additional Information:


  1. ​At least 18 years old.

  2. Male

  3. 60-Day minimum stay.

  4. Random substance testing and as needed for suspicion substance testing.

  5. Attend all weekly house meetings.

  6. Attend a minimum of two TWELVE STEP meetings, or secular alternative such as SMART recovery meetings each week. Additionally, meet and communicate with a sponsor or alternative representative on a regular basis.

  7. Participate in healing and life skill modules as requested.

  8. ​Maintain a full-time job or attend school full-time.

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